Unified Email Management

Email is today’s business communication tool. It forms binding contracts with customers, suppliers and employees; it records negotiations, purchase orders and business commitments. Effective e-mail archiving creates a complete record of communication both within and outside your business. Not to archive e-mail leaves both the business and its employees, vulnerable to risk.

When email is not available your business can easily grind to a halt.

Our unified email management solution delivers 100% email uptime to your business, achievable by simply connecting your e-mail server to our service. This means that your users can work uninterrupted in the event of any email outage.

Our Unified Email Management integrates with your existing IT to take care of all of your e-mail requirements online, with no hardware, software, or capital expense and it takes just a few days to set-up. By connecting your current e-mail systems to our service, you instantly deliver unified e-mail security, continuity and archiving.

Retaining company data and communications is now a real responsibility of the business. Industry regulators and government bodies are encouraging and prescribing legislative rules governing record management and retention. S2's email management service can prove instrumental in complying to this legislation.


Remote Support

Our flexible Virtual IT Manager service includes unlimited remote support. Using advanced technology S2 experts can quickly take control of your computer, resolving most problems within minutes.

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"S2 give us the same level of reassurance and service as a top quality in-house IT manager but without the associated costs.”

Mike Pell – Group FD,
Helix Group PLC

"By upgrading the IT infrastructure at our head office facility we can now provide instant access to all contractual information from any location in the UK with an internet connection."

John McAuliffe - Managing Director,

"Remote working has revolutionised the way that we operate. Having worked with S2 for a number of years we find their services fast, reliable and pro-active in maintaining our network systems."

Scott Turner – Managing Director,

 "The level of professionalism demonstrated by the team at S2 is second to none!"

Marco Krikke - UK Plant Manger,
Intralox Ltd