Service Status

10/07/2019 08:22

Horizon Busy Lamps

We are aware of an issue affecting multiple handsets where their busy lamps have disappeared. We have raised this with Gamma who are investigating. We will provide a further update as soon as we receive further information from Gamma.

Updates provided by Gamma: 

UPDATE - 09:09

We have identified an issue with Busy Lamp Fields (BLF's) not displaying. We have engaged our engineers who are working alongside our technology partner to identify the root cause of the issue and work towards a resolution as soon as possible. We will update you by 11am or sooner should information become available.

14/11/2018 09:32

Horizon Outage

We have started to receive reports that BLF keys have disappeared from customers handsets, we have also received reports of intermittent access failures when trying to log into Horizon direct to the GUI and via the Portal. Our Engineer teams have been fully engaged and this is being treated as a priority. A further update will be provided by 11.00 if not sooner

Updates provided by Gamma: 

UPDATE - 15:55

There are a number of customers that remain affected by the registration issues, although we have seen the issue resolved for some, this is not the case for all customers. Our engineering teams continue to work closely with our technology partners attempting a number of changes to work towards a full restoration. We apologise for the ongoing issues and will provide an update in 30 minutes. 

UPDATE - 15:22

After performing some changes on core equipment we have seen a significant uplift in the number of handsets successfully registering from approximately 14:50. The issue is ongoing and a number of customers remain affected, we are continuing to work on the incident as a priority. There are additional works planned over the next 30 minutes that should help to further improve the registration. On newly registered handsets we have had a small number or reports of one way audio, or no audio, which we are also investigating as a priority.We will provide a further update in 30 minutes. 

UPDATE - 14:51 

We continue to prioritise this incident and work toward full restoration for those customers that remain affected. We apologise for the ongoing disruption and we will provide a further update in 30 minutes. 

UPDATE - 14:13 

We have now taken further action with our technology partner to further stabilise the Horizon service and we expect to start to see an improvement on the ability for customers to make and receive calls consistently by 15:00.  We have also increased performance on the Horizon portal, which should increase availability of the portal for customers during the incident. We apologise for the ongoing disruption to service.A further update will be issued within 30 minutes. 

UPDATE - 13:31 

We are still monitoring a slow but positive recovery of Horizon services following the earlier work.  We are now taking some additional measures with our technology partner to expedite the recovery.  Whilst the recovery is underway, customers may still experience partial or no service on the Horizon platform currently.  A further update will follow in 30 minutes. 

UPDATE - 12:57

We are seeing early signs of recovery following a patch of the root cause and further stabilisation measures which have been implemented.We do not have a current indication of when all services will be fully restored, but we are taking further steps to ensure this happens as quickly as possible.  We continue to monitor the situation and will advise on the recovery progress within the next 30 minutes. 

UPDATE - 12:24

We are continuing to see some intermittent issues across our Horizon base and are continuing to work on full restore as a priority. A further update will be issued within 30 minutes 

UPDATE - 11:28

Our engineering teams are continuing to work with our vendor whilst they replicate the earlier work across the remaining clusters to ensure full stability.A further update will be issued within the next 30 minutes.  We apologise for the ongoing impact to service, this incident is being managed as our highest priority. 

UPDATE - 10:54

An emergency patch was applied to the impacted application cluster and we have monitored a positive recovery, we are now replicating this work across remaining application clusters, to ensure full stability.A further update will be issued within the next 30 minutes

UPDATE - 10:27

Working with our vendor, we believe we've identified the root cause which relates to one of our application clusters.  Our engineering team and vendor are coordinating an emergency update to the impacted cluster to restore the impacted services.  We will provide an update within the next 30 minutes.

UPDATE - 10:02

Further to the last update, customers may also be experiencing handset and call registration failures.Our engineering teams are engaged and working alongside our vendor to identify the root cause and to restore full service as a priority.We will issue a further update within 30 mins


23/08/2017 09:30

Gamma Outage

We are aware of a nationwide outage affecting some Gamma services, including broadband and Horizon telephony services. Engineers are working to establish the cause. Updates will follow. 

UPDATE - 09:44

 We understand that the fault has been resolved and services are now returning to normal. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

21/07/2016 07:50

BT Wholesale Broadband Outage

We are aware of an outage affecting BT Wholesale connections. Engineers are working with BT and Telehouse North to establish the cause. Updates will follow.

UPDATE - 08:27

The problem BT Wholesale platform is a power outage affecting the 3rd floor of Telehouse North where BT are located. Engineers are working on this as a top priority and we hope to see a resolution shortly. This will be affecting multiple ISP across the UK. Apologies for the inconvenience this may cause to the start of the working day.

UPDATE - 09:45

Sessions are starting to be restored. A router reboot may be required to force a re-attempt to authenticate. We will update our status feed with an RFO in due course.

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