Hosted Virtual Desktops

Our hosted Virtual Desktops deliver a complete Windows 7 desktop experience from the Cloud, with centralized controls and the freedom to install whatever you need, but with no compromise in performance.

Cloud technology is enabling many organisations to overcome the fundamental IT challenge: how do you allocate your IT spend efficiently, reduce management overhead, while improving Business Continuity and Employee productivity? Businesses are now using the Cloud to achieve these very goals; they’re making their IT more efficient by paying only for the Desktop Computing resources they actually need, and their workforce more productive by allowing them more flexibility in the way they work.

How do Hosted Virtual Desktops Work?

Improvements in thin client computing and a faster Internet mean Hosted Virtual Desktops really are the future of ‘desktop’ computing. A Hosted Desktop is a fully-functioning remote workstation. But instead of it being stored on local hardware, all the required software and data is served from the Cloud, in our state-of-the-art data centres. Data is securely transmitted over the internet to an end-user’s workstation via the latest thin-client technology, whilst industry-standard encryption (as used by the likes of Amazon and HSBC) ensures that no information can be accessed by external parties. A user’s keystrokes and mouse movements are all seamlessly relayed from the workstation to the data centre.

HVDI empowers organisations to take their corporate IT – their desktops, file servers, compliance data, applications – and entrust it to a secure Cloud platform (Public or Private according to business needs). In return they get access to all the benefits Cloud Computing delivers – centralised security and redundancy, go-anywhere-computing, affordable disaster recovery and a more efficient IT spend.

Connecting to the Hosted Desktop

Hosted Virtual Desktops give user’s ‘go-anywhere-computing’ capability, so they can access everything they need for work – email, applications, file-sharing and collaboration on almost any device, wherever they happen to be. Simply browse to our login portal from a laptop, desktop or thin client and the hosted desktop appears as if it was running on a local machine. Users can print documents and use applications just as if the machine was under their desk.

  • Minimize the effects of network latency on end users in branch offices, home offices and offshore locations
  • Accelerate screen updates, images and multimedia content for an amazing user experience on different connections and devices
  • Print, find local network drives plug and play, out of the box without configuration

Hosted Exchange™

Hosted Exchange gives organisations access to fully redundant email communications on a scalable, low cost per user basis, with appropriate certifications for both backup and compliance...


"S2 give us the same level of reassurance and service as a top quality in-house IT manager but without the associated costs.”

Mike Pell – Group FD,
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"By upgrading the IT infrastructure at our head office facility we can now provide instant access to all contractual information from any location in the UK with an internet connection."

John McAuliffe - Managing Director,

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