High Speed Data Connections

S2 offer a wide range of High Speed Data Connections to suit your individual requirements and budgets.
EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) is a new Ethernet based product that has been released in the UK. The new service is provided using the UK's NEW next generation network and it's currently being rolled out across the UK.

Unlike Fibre Ethernet which is provided using Fibre Optic cable to your business, EFM uses copper wires bonded together to provide connections capable of up to 20mb download and 20mb upload speeds uncontended. If any of these pairs fail, the service adjusts the rate to a lower speed based on the wires that are still running – avoiding a failure of the line as a whole.

Many businesses are now demanding higher standards in bandwidth due to their increasing need to protect mission critical data and to provide real-time information, but find the costs for these services prohibitive. EFM is broadening the reach of Ethernet lines to many more businesses by offering a lower cost alternative.

Fibre Ethernet

Our fibre based Ethernet connection is a reliable and flexible high speed internet circuit where customers can choose any speed between 1mb and 1gb. All circuits come with a 24/7 support as standard with a guaranteed fix of 5 hours.

This is a great product for businesses who think their requirements can change throughout the year or achieve rapid growth as you can upgrade the speed you receive at short notice. Once the initial router has been provided you do not need to replace this to increase your speed.

Fibre Ethernet Resilience:
If your DR plan requires resilience for mission critical applications, you can opt for Ethernet Plus which at an extra cost provides a failover solution. A Failover would normally utilise a smaller standby connection, typically ADSL2+, however this can be flexible.

Leased Lines

An internet based leased line provides you a high speed internet connection using a dedicated fibre optic cable. By using fibre optic cable you get a guaranteed speed, reliability and enhanced security. Leased Lines are also symmetrical so you receive the same upload and download speed. When installing a leased line you will need to choose the speed you require, and the maximum speed you may need to increase to at a later date. This will save you paying additional installation costs (if applicable). The speeds available can start at 2mb and go up to 1gb.

Leased lines are slowly being replaced with EFM and Fibre Ethernet connections at a lower cost and higher speeds.

If you currently have a leased line and would like some information on upgrading to an EFM or Fibre Ethernet connection please call our Datacomms Team on 08456 197 197.

Point to Point

Point to Point services offer high connectivity speeds via the New Next Generation Network between two or more locations in a point to point or point to multi-point situation. Ethernet services are ideal for customers who require consistently high connectivity speeds, regularly transfer sensitive data from site to site, or have a high demand for uploads and downloads.

Part of the portfolio of point to point services, Ethernet securely extends the delivery of voice, data and internet to customer sites around the UK. Ethernet is now the connectivity service of choice for corporate businesses and public sector organisations that need high performance, flexibility and value for money.


MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) is a secure and fully managed network that allows the connection of multiple sites throughout the UK.

MPLS offers a full range of Access Types and Bandwidth Options to suit all customer requirements for both primary and backup connections. Plus with Ethernet, access options are complemented by our cost-effective ADSL, ADSL2+ and Annex M. Read more...

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FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)

The latest technology that brings affordable, super-fast speeds to the home and SME markets.

ADSL Broadband

Including the latest ADSL2+ services with speeds of up to 24Mbps.

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