DataSentry Cloud Backups

With more reliance than ever on electronically communicated and stored data, your back-up strategy has never been more important! That is why you should choose DataSentry off-site data backup.

Backing up data using tapes & discs is fast becoming obsolete!

Quite simply historic methods of backing up data have many inherent points of failure and rely too heavily on human intervention, diligence and discipline.

The way forward is...

Off-site data back-up - the proven, reliable alternative

Sending your data off-site across an online, fully encrypted Internet connection to a secure location has many advantages:

your data is guaranteed safe and secure
it's quick and easy to set up
it's affordable and reduces costs
being fully automated it eliminates human error
no need for changing or storage of tapes/discs
restoring data is quick and easy
scalable solutions for all sizes of business

DataSentry, is a secure backup and storage solution, designed to give business owners the peace of mind insurance that their critical data is always safe and available 24/7/365.

'one less thing to worry about'

Hosted Desktops

Our hosted Virtual Desktops deliver a complete Windows 7 desktop experience from the Cloud...

Hosted Exchange™

Hosted Exchange gives organisations access to fully redundant email communications on a scalable, low cost per user basis, with appropriate certifications for both backup and compliance...


"S2 give us the same level of reassurance and service as a top quality in-house IT manager but without the associated costs.”

Mike Pell – Group FD,
Helix Group PLC

"By upgrading the IT infrastructure at our head office facility we can now provide instant access to all contractual information from any location in the UK with an internet connection."

John McAuliffe - Managing Director,

"Remote working has revolutionised the way that we operate. Having worked with S2 for a number of years we find their services fast, reliable and pro-active in maintaining our network systems."

Scott Turner – Managing Director,

 "The level of professionalism demonstrated by the team at S2 is second to none!"

Marco Krikke - UK Plant Manger,
Intralox Ltd